Wednesday, June 2

Trains of Thought Derailed

Blogging to the empty void of the interwebs sometimes feels a bit like throwing your two cents in the ocean and hoping that a fish will spit back a bit of change. Of course I do sometimes get some response but I'm not active enough to hold the attention of regular bloggers. Most of my comments are from friends who I link to my blog although that somehow feels a bit like running to an adult with my crayon drawings and going 'look at what I did!' and getting a pat on the head.

In some ways the lack of regular and/or frequent readers is both encouraging and discouraging.

Because I won't be heard by a whole lot of people there is less chance that, if I were to say something I might one day regret, many would remember it or criticise me for it.
On the other hand, I also have very little to keep me coming back. As I've probably mentioned before, I have a great many hobbies. That means that if I only write as the fancy takes me the result is something like this blog, one or two posts every six months or so.

It certainly isn't that I don't have things to write about. Most of my days I'm mentally debating, writing a mental letter or explaining something and usually I'll think 'this is good stuff, I should blog this'. None the less it never tends to end up written down. Why? Simply because most of the time these trains of thoughts take place when I'm doing something else; for example walking to/from work, on the bus or even while cleaning the litter box. Basically anywhere that might let my mind be unoccupied enough to wander. Unfortunately this also usually means that its away from any computer I could use.

And don't think I didn't try just writing them down in a notebook. For years I've always carried a notebook in my bag and, despite having been graduated for over a year now, still have a plump pencil case in my bag. It frustrates my fashionable baby sister to no end how I refuse any bag that can't hold an A4 pad and pencil case (my notebook is smaller than A4 but I still like being able to have one if I want to). The problem with this method is that while I do write them down, I pretty much never transcribe what I write in the notebook into the computer. So that tends to be a bit of a dead end.

By the time I then do reach a computer I'm already to the end of my mental journey/ lecture/ letter and when my hands hoover over the keyboard I suddenly find it hard to recall at what point that particular train of thought set off and I find myself unable to write out the blog post or story that seemed such a masterpiece in my head.

In the end my genius doesn't seem to thrive beyond the confines of my own mind.