Tuesday, March 31

Post the First.

Right, so I'm not much of a blogger yet I made another one. Why?

Because I felt like trying the whole 'this is what I did/thought today' type and it didn't seem quite right to that stuff up along with my book criticisms. So joy and happynes! I have a personal blog. The url is kinda lameish but meh, I couldn't think of anything better.

So what's on my mind right now?

The comic 'Valhalla' or as in Icelandic 'Valhöll'. Me and my friend were talking about silly foreign people and their misconceptions of the norsh gods. Amusing stuff. But anyway, suddenly I remembered this comic from somewhere back in the dusty memories of childhood (ok, so childhood wasn't that long ago but it sound better!). When I was little this was one of the comics I'd read and re-read and re-read in my local library which was through my child and teen years like my 'Cheers', where everyone knew my name... ok, so just the librarians did... well the old ladies did anyway. But I spend probably more time in the library than everywhere else (except perhaps school, that gigantic waster of my time) and read almost every book that I could get my hands on.

So this comic then, just reminded me of many hours in those horrible, cheap library chairs of my youth and I just wanted to read them so bad. After a search they were found on the lovely bay of pirates, although in English rather than the Icelandic I read them in originally but oh well. And one day, this series will be on the shelves of my future home and I will share it with... whomever will be in my life at that point onwards ;)

Right, skip along now. Go read or jog or write or pet a kitten or whatever else it is that makes you happy :D

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