Monday, April 6

Told you so!

See! See! I said I was bad at this blogging stuff. As usually I've totally forgotten about this thing for a whole week... or more, can't remember. xP Well, at least I didn't forget as long as I did with my first lifejournal (created on a whim when I was feeling down) where I wrote one post and then forgot about it for a whole year xD

So what is there to blog about today...

Prom Praise.
I came, I saw, I wasn't impressed.

Don't get me wrong, it had a few songs that were nice but seriously, not worth the fuss people have been making over it since I moved to this country. But I'm not a very musical inclined person. Most likely, I'd never have gone if it were not for a friend of my family inviting us to come along. I kinda started the concert off on the wrong foot though, seeing as when I arrived, tired from preforming with my choir and traveling back and forth (my concert was down in Bournemouth while the Prom Praise was in London), I was informed that my ticket was an arena one. For those of you who aren't familiar with that it means I was standing all night. I don't mind it terribly but I do mind when I'm not told that I will be. My feet were already tired and I selected shoes more for the aesthetic rather than comfort. So I started off annoyed. Of course, I had a book with me so I was fairly content just sitting down, hidden by the crowd of people, and reading while I listened. All in all a fairly pleasant evening but can't say it impressed me much. Still worth a listen if you're a big music lover.

And if you get arena tickets, make sure to pack a picnic! ;) Quite a few people there had blankets and packed sandwiches, a lot smarter than buying them from the bar with its twice inflated prices. Makes it a bit cosier too.

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