Tuesday, June 2

Back Again.

Sorry for the disappearing act for those few of you who are reading my rambling. Having come down with this seasons flu (won't bother you with details, lets just say it wasn't nice) around easter I managed to get dangerously behind on my coursework which then took all my time. To be perfectly honest I probably could have thrown up a post or two but I found it really hard to get back on the horse, so to speak, after having it so rudely interrupted. Sorry if this post is somewhat uninteresting but I hope it will at least serve to jump-start my inner blogger :P

So now I've graduated...

Thats funny, I don't feel any different. It seems that after such a big effort it should feel different somehow. Of course, I haven't done the whole dress up and gone to receive my piece of paper yet. Well, for now at least I'm just sludging through the job market, hoping desperately to find something that is interesting with a halfway decent pay. It doesn't even matter where it is seeing as I don't have a permanent address and am more than ready to get out of my parent's house. Who knows? Maybe I'll stumble over something nice at some point.

What do you lot thing of the whole thing?

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